this is the set and a little review of a guy who took part : 7.3.02 queens - live la. monster quick feel good no one knows avon headache hanging tree god leg of lamb dead you would know tension regular john deaf flow mexicola millionaire (they didnt play it) lost art i know because i took what would be lanegans set list........dave grohl DID play all night that other dude said.....cameras all over the fucking place, i talked to some cameradude(doug)..i let him stand next to me down front!!!!!....anyways, he's talking like theres gonna be a video(mtv like), and a full length show available. guilty parties were josh, nick, dave, brendon, alain johannes, mark lanegan and hutch. tell me motherfuckers..........when was the last time dave grohl played drums all night? that "dead" song is HARD....cant wait to hear that one again....but wait......i may not have to wait wed mondo generator plays the troubadour and i've got my tix......i also walked away with an advertisement for next weeks show, i took down a poster/ad for is a back shot of nick(naked) and you get this view of all these people at a's cool, him, bare ass with a bass playing in front of thousands of people.....cant wait for next week