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7. Hangin' Tree
8. Go with the Flow
9. Gonna Leave You
10. Do It Again
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Don't Talk to Me!

Don't Talk to Me

This is a live cover of GG Allin's Don't Talk to Me performed by Queens of the Stone Age in December of 1998.

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Last Update Jan. 04, 2003

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Apple release new Ipod ad featuring QOTSA 21 June, 2005

...just kidding. You can now stream the new video for In My Head from both Yahoo and NME.

Homme to start work on Desert Sessions later this year

"QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE's JOSH HOMME has revealed that he plans to start work on a new DESERT SESSIONS album.

The singer has told NME.COM that he wants to kick start work on the follow-up to 2003's 'Desert Sessions 9 & 10' later this year.

He said: "I was thinking about trying to do something at the end of the year. It was great to have PJ Harvey on the last Desert Sessions. She was amazing. That's where you have a big smile on your face and you're learning stuff."

He added that at the moment he is not scheduling people to appear on the record, saying: "It's just a little too far away and I don't want to get myself too excited for something that could change. Desert Sessions is one of those things where you really have to massage everyone's schedule."
Source: NME

Lullabies to Paralyze LP available

For all you vinyl junkies out there and indeed you hard core fans, the super deluxe LP release of LTP is now available which includes 3 bonus tracks - "Infinity", "Like A Drug" and "Precious and Grace". Currently available at the QOTSA store and US retail outlets.

Josh's brawl update..oh and something about Nick 19 June, 2005

Josh's fate has been decided reports MTV...

"QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE frontman Josh Homme has pleaded no contest to assaulting DWARVES singer Blag Dahlia during an altercation at Los Angeles' Dragonfly club in November 2004. On May 23, Homme was put on probation for 36 months, and was ordered to do community service with the Hollywood Beautification Team, enter a 60-day residential drug/alcohol rehabilitation program, complete a level three anger-management class, foot all of Dahlia's legal and medical bills, and stay 100 yards away from the singer, according to a spokesperson for the Los Angeles Superior Court"

It also seems ex bass player Nick Oliveri who formed Queens with Josh now doesnt have much good to say about them. Now focussing on his side projects Mondo Generator and Dwarves Nick appears to be less than friendly towards his former band.

“There is no Queens anymore,” Oliveri told Xfm radio station. “Not with me in it. I’m not going back, I’ve not been asked and I don’t want to. It’s good the bands still going, more power to the Queens, but I’m doing other shit now. Personally I don’t like the new record, but I like the records I’m on though. I had zero to do with the new record.” will now be seeing more updates with new folks working on the news (Greg, Mike, and Kim), and a new person working on lyrics, downloads, and discography (Steve). So welcome to these folks. More may be added in the future to other sections of the website. There will hopefully be a new LTP layout for the front page soon, and remember that you are welcome to send in any QOTSA or side-project related info (news, set lists, tabs, what have you) to Thanks.

Breaking news: Mark Lanegan smokes cigarettes.

Okay. You may have noticed that this site hasn't been updated in a good while. Due to conflicts with finding the time to do the news and all, I (Kylee) have long since stepped down. Because asthma/John (your friendly tour history lad) is also very busy and soon to be leaving the site as well, and none of the other people who were supposed to work on the site have apparently been able to step forward and take care of the news duties, there has been very little in the way of updates.

So, I will now proposition you: anyone who is interested in being in charge of the news (and other site updates, downloads, etc as necessary/desired) and/or the tour history/upcoming tours, send me an email at (if you're on the Queens board, do me a fave and let me know who you are on there) and we'll see if we can work something out. It helps if you have a strong grasp of sentence formation (it's always good when people can read the site), frequent news/music sites/boards and other sources of information you would get news from (this being the most important part), and a bit of HTML knowledge would help as well, but I'm willing to do a little teaching on that end. Lastly, thanks for all the comments and information you all have provided, because it really helps add to all the work everyone (especially hobbs) has done to this site over the years. Cheers.

PS Brant Bjork is going on tour in the USA and he's releasing a double album in July and he is the coolest dude ever. The end. Duna Records.

PPS If anyone would like to design a simple LTP layout that's compatible with the current site, contact me at Thanks.

The Koln Kantine, Berlin Postbahnhof, and London Camden shows have been cancelled due to Josh Homme being afflicted with a severe lung infection, coughing up blood, and subsequently returning to the US to recover. From "We've toured with everything from broken ankles to bruised livers, but simply weren't prepared for this relentless attack of teeming bacteria. Our fans know that we ain't pussies and this is an obvious downer for everyone involved. All we really wanted to do was play our new tunes for everybody, and turn this "promo tour" into more of a party. So, for those of you with any unused tickets, hold on to them. We'll be back as soon as possible to make up these shows, and when we do, we'll have something special for all of you with an un-ripped ticket. We ain't in the habit of cancelling, and we don't forget."

The official lyrics are now up on for the first three albums. The new tour dates for Europe and the USA are being released as well. See 'em here. has been updated with a new flash website, rumors, 3 song clips from the new album, and other fun stuff. Check it out.

Please visit and read Nick's udpate about his niece.

Josh Homme, among others, will be appearing at a relief show put on by Tenacious D at the Wiltern in LA on January 17. "All net proceeds go to American Red Cross going directly to tsunami relief effort." Flier here. Thanks Brent.

At 4pm PST on Tuesday, on, "something amazing will happen."

Many folks have reported that Little Sister has been played early both in Los Angeles (KROQ) and New York. There is a rough quality radio rip floating around in internet land. Here are the lyrics (roughly):

Little Sister

Hey sister why you all alone?
I'm standing out your window
Hey little sister can I come inside there?

I want to show you all my love
I want to be the only one
I know you like nobody ever, baby

Little sister can't you find another way?
No more living life behind a shadow (2x)

You whisper secrets in my ear
Slowly dancing cheek to cheek
Such a sweet thing when you open up, baby

They say I'll only do you wrong
Come together cause I understand
Just who you really are yeah, baby

Little sister can't you find another way?
No more living life behind a shadow (2x)

The new Queens of the Stone Age Album will be released March 22 in the USA and March 21 overseas. The first single will be called Little Sister (which is actually a song from the SFTD era) and will be released to radio on January 24. A quote from the new Revolver article: "The new Queens of the Stone Age album may be called Lullabies to Paralyze, but frontman Josh Homme admits his ulterior motive is to get his listeners into bed, not put them to sleep. "This record's vibe is like, let's drink wine and screw," says Homme. "The idea was to have the record be like a long, slow, comfortable fuck." Alongside Little Sister, other tracks on the album, mostly according to Josh's quotes in magazines, reportedly include Like A Drug, Burn the Witch, Precious and Grace (all featuring Billy Gibbons, the latter with Mark Lanegan as well, who may appear on a couple songs), The Fun Machine Took a Shit and Died (with Chris Goss, and Tim Van Hamel, and Jesse Hughes), Don't Need a Name, I Wanna Make It Witchu (Desert Sessions 9/10), Until Tomorrow, Tangled Up In Plaid, Someone's In The Wolf, Skin on Skin, You've Got a Killer Scene There, Man (featuring Shirley Manson and Brody Dalle), Everybody Knows You're Insane, I Never Came, In My Head, Long Slow Goodbye (which Josh has said is "probably the song I'm most proud of ever."). These aren't all definite, as the band hasn't officially released the track list. Along with the recording band of Josh, Troy, Joey, and Alain, Dave Catching and Dan Druff (who will apparently be touring bassist) have also been mentioned as appearing. Josh has stated the album is about 55 minutes long.

Chris Goss was in critical condition for a time, due to a "severe internal infection" over the holidays at a hospital in Palm Desert, CA. Fortunately he stabilized and a complete recovery is stated to be expected. For more information see or

QOTSA-related video/audio shows you want to submit for a download? News? Questions? Comments? Email news at

Yes, the Need for Speed Underground 2 soundtrack has a QOTSA remake of the Desert Sessions track In My Head... Or Something.

Claude Coleman, Ween's drummer, will be drumming the east coast Eagles of Death Metal dates. Dave Catching on guitar, and the everpresent Jesse Hughes on vocals and guitar, of course.

Nick Oliveri and Winnebago Deal joined on stage at a concert in Sheffield to form 'Winnebago Generator' (they backed up Nick on Mondo songs, while he was opening for Lanegan). See a 44 second video clip here, courtesy of Also, a picture.

Nick will be playing a show at the House of Blues in Hollywood with Turbonego and Van Stone - 19 December.

From the official site: "Also tis rumored that videos are being made just for the web site. I heard that they will be available to see & be heard before the release of the album! That sounds bad ass. I heard one of the videos will directed by Terry Richardson. So, that means brace yourselves."

Happy 40th Birthday to the old man known as Mark Lanegan.

The December 7, 2003 show that the Mark Lanegan Band and Enemy played in Barcelona is available (both the Lanegan and Enemy sets) for download right here.

Eagles of Death Metal are going on tour with Jesse Hughes, Dave Catching, and Joey Castillo. Check out the official site here for more info.

Nick Oliveri has changed the lineup (Mark Diamond on guitar, Josh Lamar on drums, and Nick on bass and vocals) for Mondo Generator and just finished up a tour in Europe. Dave and Molly are in the band Yellow 5 ( and Brant just finished touring in Australia, and will soon be touring in southern Europe (see for dates)Mondo Generator III: The EP has gone out to those who ordered the DVD of MG live, 'Use Once And Destroy Me'. It has the songs 'There She Goes Again', 'Way Down', 'Bloody Hammer', a different version of 'Six Shooter' if I remember correctly, and 'Sleep The Lie Away'

The tracklisting for the EP Stone Age Complications (limited to 25,000 copies) is as follows:
01. "Who Will Be The Next In Line" (The Kinks cover)
02. "Wake Up Screaming" (Subhumans cover)
03. "The Most Exalted Potentate Of Love" (The Cramps cover)
04. "No One Knows" (U.N.K.L.E. remix)
05. "Born To Hula"
06. "The Bronze"

tour news
Satellite Project Tours December 08, 2004

Eagles of Death Metal - currently on tour. See for more info.

Mark Lanegan just figured a tour that spanned across 3 months and 3 continents.

site updates
Your words have branded my mind... June 23, 2005

New additions to Articles and Interviews. Looking to update bring these up to speed. Got any articles (esp. '04 and '05)? Send 'em through to

Keep Your Eyes Wide Open June 13, 2005

Update of the Lullabies to Paralyze discography.

Update of the lyrics section with all the lyrics for "Lullabies to paralyze".

coming soon on the discography : lullabies promo sampler cd, little sister regular single and a complete update of the "Related Bands" part of discography.

Update of the Queens of the stone age discography. This one is a massive update with the most complete list of Soundtracks/Compilations featuring Queens Of The Stone Age.
Jay K and Stonerpope worked on this one during several month and believe me, this is a lot of work!

Update of the Queens of the stone age discography with addition of the "Lullabies to paralyze" LP.

Update of the Queens of the stone age discography with addition of the "Little sister" promotionnal single.

Update of the Queens of the stone age discography with addition of the "stone age complication" EP.

A brand new Queens of the Stone age discography is now available. The old discography was 172 pictures on 97 pages and the new one is 528 pictures on 118 pages. Stonerpope and Shinkibo are currently working on new Kyuss and Desert Sessions discographies.

Help TheFade out: when you click on the link to the QOTSA store below or to the left and buy something, this site gets 5% of the purchase, which goes toward paying hosting costs and other stuff like that. So, if you're gonna buy some QOTSA stuff anyway, help us out by going through the link on this page to do it. Danke!

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