The Side Projects
Here you have the bands that were founded by either of the two permanent QOTSA members. A side project differs from a full-time project in that side projects don't normally tour.
The Desert Sessions
Members: Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Brant Bjork, Brendon McNichol, Fred Drake, Gene Troutman, Alfredo Hernandez, and too many others to count
Years: 1997-present
Albums: Certainly the most infamous of Josh Homme's side projects, the Desert Sessions began in 1996/7 when Josh and some buddies got together in the desert and had some fun.
Mondo Generator
Members: Josh Homme, Nick Oliveri, Brant Bjork, Burnt Mattress
Eagles of Death Metal
Members: Carlo von Sextron [Josh Homme]
Sound: " the Eagles, but Deathmetal.... The songs are all about the devil and include stripper drum beats, bluegrass slide guitars, and canned heat/deathmetal vocals." [from Rekords Rekords]
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