Edition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
1997/12/05 Man's Ruin MR081 10" US volume 1 [1]
1998/02/06 Man's Ruin MR082 10" US volume 2 [2]
1998/02/20 Man's Ruin MR093 1CD US vols. 1 & 2 [3]
Preachin (bonus track) - - [3]
Girl Boy Tom (bonus track) - - [3]
Monkey in the Middle [1] - [3]
Girl Boy Tom [1] - [3]
Cowards Way Out [1] - [3]
Robotic Lunch (alt. version) [1] - [3]
Johnny the Boy - [2] [3]
Screamin Eagle - [2] [3]
Cake (Who Shit on The?) - [2] [3]
Man's Ruin Preach (bonus track) - - [3]
Band name: Acquitted Felons
The first volume is titled Instrumental Driving Music for Felons, and the second volume is titled Status: Ships Commander Butchered
Both 10" editions are limited to 1000 copies. Volume one is blue, volume 2 is transparent orange
Bonus tracks found only on the CD are: Preachin (track 1), Girl Boy Tom (track 2), and Man's Ruin Preach (track 10)
As of February 11, 1998, both vinyl editions were deleted. Volume 1 on vinyl sells for between $100 and $300 USD on Ebay. Volume 2 sells for much less--about $30 USD--on Ebay. The CD can be ordered from Rekords Rekords, since Man's Ruin Records is now defunct,
"This record is the first in a long line musical experiments in the name of rock. It represents ten modern day sermons disguised as rock songs and designed to keep kids out of trouble."
The Acquitted Felons are:
Reverend Bruno Ponce Jones
Alfredo Hernandez
Dave Catching
John Paul McBain
Fred Drake
Josh Homme
Bryant Bjork
Ben Sheperd
Peter Stahl
Pressing Info
1. 1000 copies on blue vinyl; deleted
2. 1000 copies on transparent orange vinyl; deleted
3. Unknown pressing quantity
Cover Scans
Desert Sessions vol. 1 cover Desert Sessions vol. 2 cover Desert Sessions vols. 1 & 2 cover

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