Dec. 29, 2002 - Spaceland: Silverlake, CA
Ode to Clarissa [QOTSA]
Open Up and Bleed
Six Shooter [QOTSA]
So High So Low
Here We Come
I Want You to Die
Bloody Hammer [Roky Erickson]
Gonna Leave You [QOTSA]
Unless I Can Kill
Fuck Ya, I'm Free
Miss Mary Got a Boob Job
Do the Head Right
Tension Head [QOTSA]
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Reivew by William Christopher

Show started at 10pm and the first band was Earthlings? who played a few new songs not found on the new EP as well as songs found on that EP. They also played Johnny B. Goode and Mars on Fire which were both excellent. I'm not sure if that is pete stahl singing seeing as to how I know very little about this band. Earthlings? were tight and they projected images behind them which I thought really complimented the sounds they were making. They also have a wonderful bass player. Fatso Jetson came on around 11 or 11:30 and honestly they have played better but they closed with mummified so how can a fan complain after that.

As soon as Mondo Generator came out you could tell it was going to be a good show. They were in good spirits and Nick was smiling as always. Probably too much cocaine....anyway people went apeshit for Ode to Clarissa and So High So Low was in my opinion the best new song played. Can't wait for the new LP on Ipecac. Nick ended the set by responding to the Kyuss requests in his own way: "This is our last song and it isn't Freedom Run." They then launched into a rauchous version of Tension Head that any QOTSA fan would be proud of. Brant Bjork was fucking on fire all night and especially on the first and last songs. Mondo attempted to do an encore but they were out of songs and for some reason Nick wasn't about to play I'm Dead no matter how many times me and a fellow fan screamed for it. They stumbled through "There She goes again" (which may be another new song) and a few others that fell apart halfway through. Backstage Josh(who was seen peeking through the curtains during parts of the show) was busy talking to his girlfriend attempting to avoid being recognized, Nick was talking about how much they sucked and Dave was complaining of his troubles with staying in tune. All in All if I had to rate the show it was definately a 9.5 out of 10.
Scan by William Christopher

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