This page contains all of the downloads available that will be sporadically posted. Most of them will probably be Mark Lanegan-related, which is why they aren't the 'Deaf Download' of but they will be posted here nonetheless. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email at news at I do not, however, give out contact information for the tapers, so you will have to find another means of getting non-mp3 sourced shows if that is what you desire. Some of the shows aren't the best quality, and yes, they are in mp3 (sorry all of you die-hards, that's the way it is), and some of them aren't broken up song-by-song, because that's not the way I got them. I recognize that people all have issues with these things, but people have gone out of their way to record the shows for other fans, which should be appreciated. Also, I will probably be taking down some things so that I can put others up, so this stuff will not always be here. Oh, and if you're gonna link to the downloads, link to for goodness sake. Enjoy!

Download 01:
Mark Lanegan Band/Enemy Live Concert: Barcelona, December 07, 2003

Thanks to Paul and Jordi for getting the show to me and recording the show, respectively. It's broken up into Enemy's set, the first part of Mark's set, and the second part of Mark's set.

Right click and choose 'save target as' to save mp3s to your computer.

01. Enemy's set: 25:33 running time; 35MB.
02. Mark's set, part 1: running time; 87.8MB.
03. Mark's set, part 2: 17:23 running time; 24.3MB.

Download 02:
Mark Lanegan Band Live Concert: Seattle, December 12, 2003

This show is courtesy of Cameron. Many thanks!

Info: 25 tracks (includes ramblings of Mark & Van et al). Total running time: 1:27:57.

Rig: Core Sounds Binaural mics, Sharp MD-MT770 recorder, Sony ES MD's. Location: Raised area near soundboard. Digitally transferred to computer via fiber optical cable from Sony MDS-JB920 deck. Capture software was Sound Forge 7.0. Written to disc (DAO) using Nero 5.5.

Right click and choose 'save target as' to save mp3s to your computer.

01. Pendulum
02. Borracho
03. Yelling (listen closely and you can hear a woman yelling 'BULLSHIT!' at Mark)
04. Message to Mine
05. One Way Street
06. Sleep With Me
07. Don't Forget Me
08. Wedding Dress
09. Little Bit of Rain (Fred Neil cover)
10. No Easy Action
11. Miracle
12. Creeping Coastline of Lights
13. Death Don't Have No Mercy
14. On Jesus' Program
15. Because of This/Hotel
16. I'll Take Care of You
17. Skeletal History
18. Methamphetamine Blues
Encore 1:
19. Mockingbirds
20. She Done Too Much/River Rise
21. Introductions
22. Carry Home
23. Dollar Bill (Screaming Trees cover)
Encore 2:
24. Number Nine (Twilight Singers song w/ Greg Dulli)
25. I'm 18 (Alice Cooper cover)

Download 03:
Mark Lanegan Band Live Concert: Milan, December 03, 2003

This show is courtesy of Sergio (recording),Luca (encoding and artwork), and Daria (for being wonderful and sharing again).

The front and back covers are available if you would like to burn a copy of the show and have artwork. The back cover also includes the recording information.

Right click and choose 'save target as' to save mp3s to your computer.

01. Borracho
02. Message to Mine
03. One Way Street
04. Sleep With Me
05. Don't Forget Me
06. Pill Hill Serenade
07. Wedding Dress
08. No Easy Action
09. Miracle
10. Creeping Coastline of Lights
11. Death Don't Have No Mercy
12. On Jesus' Program
13. Because of This/Hotel
14. I'll Take Care of You
15. Going Going Gone (Bob Dylan cover)
16. Methamphetamine Blues
17. Mockingbirds
18. She Done Too Much/The River Rise
19. Clear Spot
20. Midnight Moses (Alex Harvey Band cover)

Download 04:
Mark Lanegan Band (Mark, Troy, and Brett) live on radio in Milan, December 03, 2003

This is a 20-ish minute mp3 with a little bit of interview and Sleep With Me, Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young cover), Mockingbirds, and You Wild Colorado (Johnny Cash cover). 25MB. Right click and choose 'save target as' to save mp3s to your computer.

01. Mark, Troy, and Brett on the radio in Italy

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