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Last updated: June 23 2005
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2005/06/xx - Suicide Girls: Interview with Josh Homme
2005/06/xx - Guitar Player Magazine: Queens of The Stone Age's Josh Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen Trip the Dark Fantastic
2003/01/xx - Loaded: Loaded Questions Queens of the Stone Age (Josh and Nick)
2003/01/15 - Rolling Stone: Knowing QOTSA's Josh Homme (Josh)
2003/01/30 - XPress: Homme Away from Home (Josh, excellent)
2003/02/22 - Rage: Queens of the Stone Age pick the videos (Josh and Nick pick their favorites on Aussie TV)
2003/06/xx - Lollapalooza Magazine: Get Lost! - Queens of the Stone Age (Josh, Nick, Troy, Mark, Joey, long)
2003/06/12 - Rolling Stone: Summer of Rock (Josh, short)
2003/07/24 - X-Press: Nick Olivieri, Mondo Generator - Hard Bald (Nick, about Mondo)
2005/06/xx - Thrasher Magazine Interview (Josh and Joey)
2003/08/08 - Dallas Music Guide: Mondo Generator Interview (Nick, Brant Bjork, Dave Catching, Molly McGuire)
2002/01/31 - KNAC: Rated "R" for Rock (Nick)
2002/05/03 - Rolling Stone: QOTSA Enjoying Life With Dave (Nick, all questions are about Dave Grohl)
2002/08/30 - LA Weekly: The Dangerous Lives of Desert Boys (the history of QOTSA and Kyuss - EXCELLENT!)
2002/08/xx - Interview with Josh Homme by Nick
2002/08/xx - Interview with Josh Homme by Samantha and Michele (very long, very good)
2002/09/xx - CD Now: Queens of the Stone Age, Kings of Metal
2002/09/xx - Interview with Dave Grohl by Samantha and Michele (very funny)
2002/09/xx - Papermag: Feel Good Hits of the Summer (Josh; excellent!)
2002/09/xx - Stylus: Interview with Nick (dull)
2002/11/xx - Rock Sound Magazine: Knowing Me, Knowing You (Josh and Nick, MUST READ!)
2002/11/05 - Plaza TV interview (Mark)
2002/11/20 - Kerrang!: The Lying Game (Josh and Nick)
2001/05/23 - Remix: An Interview with Josh Homme
2001/07/04 - Scandinavia Online Chat (Nick)
2001/10/19 - Interview (Nick)
2000/xx/xx - Homme on the Range (Josh, very technical)
2000/08/16 - Ozzfest Chat (Nick and Josh)
2000/08/21 - Hip Online interview (Nick)
2000/10/03 - PlayLouder interview (Nick)
1999/03/xx - Psychedelic Fanzine Interview (Josh)
1999/03/11 - The Stranger: Dumb and Dumber (Nick)
1999/05/20 - Caustic Truths Interview (Josh and Nick)
1999/06/xx - Zero Magazine Interview (Josh, Nick, and Alfredo)
1999/07/04 - Pogopop Interview (Josh)
1999/07/06 - Doc Rock Chat (Nick; long)
1999/10/09 - Hip Online interview (Josh)
1998/10/xx - Attitude: Queens of the Stone Age interview (Nick and Alfredo)
1998/11/xx - Stonerama: Interview with Nick
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