R.I.P. Fred Drake
1958 - June 20, 2002
Fred and Kashmir
Fred and Kashmir
      The legendary Fred Drake passed away last Thursday of cancer, a disease he'd been fighting for a long time. Fred was a first class musician, and an important part of the desert rock family. He contributed a great deal to desert rock during his lifetime: he was a founder of the earthlings?, he was a member of many LA rock bands prior to moving to the Joshua Tree where he founded the Rancho de la Luna recording studio, he was an integral member of the Desert Sessions family, he added vocals and bizarre instruments to many, many albums by many, many bands, and he released his own solo album, Twice Shy, last year.

Fred will be deeply missed.
by Fred Drake

I have come here, come home to you
Just like you said, like you said I would do.
I might be wrong, guess I'll never know
But one things for sure
Home is where I'll go
Walk a while with me.
Walk by my side.
I'm not alone on this desert night.
If you hold me close, don't ever let me go
Then home is right here
And home is all, I'll know
If there is ever something you need
You can come here
And you can take it from me.
That's everything, everything I believe
Home is right now
And you don't have to leave.

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