Queens of the Stone AgeEdition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes Availability No.
2000/08/14 Interscope 497 391-2 CD UK cd 1 of 2 2 [1]
2000/08/14 Interscope 497 392-2 CD UK cd 2 of 2 2 [2]
2000/xx/xx Interscope 497 410-2 CD Germany - 2 [3]
2000/08/16 Interscope 497 387-7 7" US - 2 [4]

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The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret [1] [2] [3] [4]
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret [cd-rom video] [1] - - -
Born to Hula [new version] [1] - - -
Ode to Clarissa - [2] [3] [4]
Monsters in the Parasol [live] - [2] - -

2 CD Set
CD 1 of the two CD set contains the Lost Art video (CD-ROM), and is the only version with that video. CD 1 comes in a slimline case and features a picture of Nick and Gene in a green BMW at an airport with Josh and Hutch around the car. Born to Hula (new version) is the only b-side. CD 2 of the two CD set comes in a gatefold CD sleeve with a collage of black and white pictures on the front and the picture that appears on CD 1's cover in black and white inside. Monsters in the Parasol is listed as "recorded live in Seattle by Bootleg TV." This cut presumably comes from a show played in 2000, perhaps in May.

The German Pressing
The German pressing of this single comes in a slim jewel case with the picture of Josh smoking and Nick asleep in red and purple from the Rated R sleeve on the front. The inner sleeve is similar to the Rated X sampler cover (i.e., it is the Rated R cover in red rather than blue and has an X where the R should be). A sticker on some of the covers says: "Der song aus dem VISIONS TV spot aus dem aktuellen album Rated R. Unverbindliche preisempfehlung DM 9,99. 497 410(18)."

Lord Help Us
On the top and bottom of the cover/back cover for CD 1 of 2 and the 7" (see picture one below) are the words "LORD HP5 PLUS" written backwards. This cryptic message most likely means "Lord Help Us."
Pressing Info
1. unknown pressing quantity
2. unknown pressing quantity
3. unknown pressing quantity
4. unknown pressing quantity

Cover Scans
Part 1

Part 2

CD single

7" vinyl

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