Queens of the Stone AgeEdition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes Availability No.
2001/xx/xx Interscope QOCDP3 CD EU Fluorescent CD 5 [1]
2001/xx/xx Interscope none CD Germany - 3 [2]
2001/xx/xx Interscope Parasol1 CD UK - 3 [3]
2001/xx/xx Interscope none VHS US - 4 [4]
2001/xx/xx Polydor none VHS US Hole in the sleeve 5 [5]

*Availability Rating: how easy it is to get this item on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 is very easy, 5 is damn near impossible.
Monsters in the Parasol [1] [2] [3] - -
Monsters in the Parasol [video] - - - [4] [5]

The Single That Wasn't
These promos were released to support Monsters as the third single for Rated R. A video was made for the song, but strangely enough, a single was never released.

Polydor VHS [5] looks like Interscope promotional VHS : it comes with a hole in the cardboard sleeve so you see the sticker on the tape.
Pressing Info
1. unknown pressing quantity
2. unknown pressing quantity
3. unknown pressing quantity
4. unknown pressing quantity
5. unknown pressing quantity

Cover Scans
Parasol 1

Germany CD


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