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Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
2000/04/19 Melody Maker MM190400 1CD - Magazine promo [1]
Slipknot - Wait and Bleed (Terry Date mix) [1]
Pennywise - Alien [1]
Korn - Dirty [1]
The Bloodhound Gang - Magna Cum Nada [1]
Queens of the Stone Age - Regular John [1]
Kittie - Get Off (You Can Eat Dick) [1]
Amen - Dawn Human [1]
The Get Up Kids - Holiday [1]
One Minute Silence - 1845 [1]
Dum Dums - You Knock Me Off My Feet [1]
Regular John
This is the same version of Regular John that you would find on the first album.
Pressing Info
1. Unknown pressing quantity
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Melody Maker promo

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