Active QOTSA-related sites.

Official Site - Interscope's official QOTSA site
Rekords Rekords - Official Rekords Rekords site
qotsa.de - a most excellent German fansite...would that we all spoke German so we could all read it
Kyuss/QOTSA - French fansite (also available in English) that has mp3's, Kyuss info, and an "ebay" section that tracks rare QOTSA and Kyuss items on ebay, listing the most recent sale date and has price lows, highs, and averages in US dollars--very useful tool.
Just Rock - Go for the Equipment section, stay for the booze.
Into the Void - A Page for Stoners - big new page covering QOTSA, Kyuss, the Desert Sessions, and stoner rock in general
la reine de l'âge de pierre - French fansite with great photos from lots of gigs (note: in French).
You can't quit QOTSA, baby! - new Brazilian fansite (note: in Portuguese)
Queens of the Stone Age Desert Site - Polish fansite (note: in Polish)
Queens of the Stone Age PL - another Polish fansite with a great design (note: in Polish)
Muchas Gracias - One of the most excellent sites on the web devoted to Kyuss and their relatives: QOTSA, Fu Manchu, Mondo Generator, Unida, etc. (note: in Spanish)
Born to Hula - new fansite
Songs to Fuck By - new fansite
Queens of the Stoned Age - great-looking new fansite, the only British one so far!
Queens of the Stone Age Picture Gallery - like the links says, an excellent new fansite devoted to QOTSA pictures
T E N S I O N H E A D - great new Japanese fan site (note: in Japanese)
Tabs for the Deaf - excellent QOTSA guitar and bass tabs site whose webmaster has contributed many fine tabs to thefade; Check it out!
drinkfightfuck - new fansite
The Womb - new QOTSA forum that covers just about every area of QOTSAdom that you could imagine
QOTSA Fans Around the World - this isn't a fan site, but it's pretty neat; it's a global register of QOTSA fans (go register yourself and your location!)
Buy QOTSA Stuff
Here are some sites where you can spend your parents' hard-earned money. Go on...spend it...they won't miss it....

Official Stores
Official QOTSA Store - duh. if you go back to the main page of this site and click on either of the store banners, thefade gets a little cut of the sale. it helps keep the servers running and the pussy cat fed.
European QOTSA Store - cause they do it better in Europe.
Rekords Rekords Store - you're nuts if you don't buy from Rekords Rekords--it's cheaper and goes directly to Josh and whatever minions he's employed. his pussy cat gots to get fed too.

Un-Official Stores
Ebay - okay, so it's not a store. it's got shit you'll never see in a store...
Limited Edition QOTSA Posters - large selection of very limited QOTSA tour posters that you just can't find anywhere else
Opalmusic - this is one of the two best sites for really rare QOTSA discs
eil.com - this is the other best site for really rare QOTSA discs
Soundworld - these guys get the exclusive QOTSA items in Oz and do their darndest to punt them on to everyone else at fuckin great prices
VIP-24.com - they've got QOTSA shirts, hard to find QOTSA cds, and other neat stuff that'll make you reach compulsively for your wallet without thinking
The Graveyard
The house of the dead links. R.I.P. guys.

qotsa.net - Thanks for the tunes, Kai. We miss you. (Note: Last we heard, Kai was in the military. We wish him a safe and happy return. We don't know of any other sites that have the vast fields of mp3s that qotsa.net once had)
Regular John - This page hasn't been updated since 2001, but it's still got articles that aren't on this site and it's still up, so check it out.
If Only Everything - Japanese fansite that had too short a run.
qotsa.musicsite.de - German fansite that is no longer around.
Links from the Official Site
Kyuss - AMG All Music guide--*not* a fansite.
Ween - Official Ween site.
Fatso Jetson - Fatso Jetson site (official site?).
Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters official site--very nice.
Paula Cole - Official Paula Cole Band site.
Eleven - Official Eleven site.
Bjork - Official Bjork site (the chick from Iceland, not Brant Bjork).
Tom Waits - Official Tom Waits site.
Slayer - Official Slayer site.
Earthlings - Offical The Earthlings site; doesn't seem to be related to the earthlings?.
Crippled Dick Hot Wax - Crippled Dick Hot Wax Records.
Rob Halford - Rob Halford's official site.
Other Links
Turbonegro at Epitaph - TurboFUCKINnegro! Long-time QOTSA buddies here. If you've not heard them, get your ass to this page and snatch you some mp3s. Then buy all of their albums. Where else would you get to hear a song called "I Got Erection"?
13eaver - Beaver's official website; lyrics, mp3s, pics, the works; maintained by the band.
earthlings? - earthlings? official website.
The Kyuss Pages - THE Kyuss website; all things Kyuss.
Masters of Reality Official Site - Official Masters of Reality website; maintained by the band.
Lover's Sky - Masters of Reality fan site; currently down.
earthlings? - new earthlings? fan site; pictures, discography, message board.
The Dwarves - Official site; mp3s of the new album, etc.
Screamingtrees.org - all the Trees and Lanegan news, tabs, lyrics, sounds, etc. that you need.
Undertow - Mark Lanegan fan site; article, discography, photos, show info, etc.
Mondo Generator - the official site.
Zero Cold - the official Zero Cold home page.
Maroon - Maroon's official site
Live Nirvana - everything you ever wanted to know about any show Nirvana ever played
Pearl Jam Online - covers all things Pearl Jam
Defy Unlearn Music Magazine - excellent online music information source
Chubby Kipper's site - check it out, tis cool
Foo Fighter's Street Team - check it out, for the FF fans
Hubris - new Irish band - check them out
VCDTree - the video trading portal
Two Dead Stars - great photo gallery with some QOTSA pics!
Out on a Tether - awesome Foo Fighters fan site! Digital Attack - get your daily dose of rock news here
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