This is Where I Belong: The Songs of Ray Davies and the Kinks
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Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
2002/02/xx Rykodisc - 1CD US - [1]
Disc One
Fountains of Wayne - Better Things [1]
Steve Forbert - Starstruck [1]
Jonathan Richman - Stop Your Sobbing [1]
Bebel Gilberto - No Return [1]
Josh Rouse - A Well Respected Man [1]
Cracker - Victoria [1]
Queens of the Stone Age - Who'll Be the Next in Line [1]
Matthew Sweet - Big Sky [1]
Lambchop - Art Lover [1]
Billy Lloyd and Tommy Womack - Picture Book [1]
Tim O'Brien - Muswell Hillbilly [1]
The Minus Five - Get Back in Line [1]
Fastball - Till the End of the Day [1]
Ron Sexsmith - This is Where I Belong [1]
Yo La Tengo - Fancy [1]
Ray Davies and Damon Albarn - Waterloo Sunset [1]
Who'll Be the Next in Line is a Kinks cover which is originally found on the Kinks' 1965 album, Kinkdom. QOTSA's version of the song can also be found on the Feel Good Hit of the Summer single.
Pressing Info
1. Unknown pressing quantity
Cover Scans
Kinks cover

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