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Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes Availability No.
1995/xx/xx Man’s Ruin MR 036 7" US Test pressing 10 [1]
1996/01/01 Man’s Ruin MR 036 7" US - 5 [2]
1996/01/01 Man’s Ruin MR 036 7" US - 5 [3]

*Availability Rating: how easy it is to get this item on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 is very easy, 5 is damn near impossible.
If Only Everything [1] [2] [3]
Born to Hula [1] [2] [3]
Gamma Ray
This is the first release from what would become QOTSA. The name Gamma Ray was dropped when another artist who had already copyrighted the name threatened to sue. Gamma Ray was originally Josh, John McBain (Monster Magnet), Van Conner (Screaming Trees), and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden).

Vinyl Production
2000 copies were pressed on clear vinyl. One thousand of these have a "G" and a ray in the center and the other thousand have several black circles with gray straight-forward superimposed on them. Since Man's Ruin went under (and even before then), this vinyl was super hard to get. Expect to pay a good bit for one on Ebay. Go to www.kyussqotsa.com and check the Ebay section for current price info.

The insert in one of the two pressings says: "READ THIS : This is the Gamma ray featuring Josh HOMME of KYUSS fame. It is NOT that guy from HELLOWEEN or whatever"

Test Pressing
Only about 10 exist. The test pressing comes in a paper sleeve and the vinyl is black with a white center.
Pressing Info
1. unknown : max 10 copies
2. 1000 copies
3. 1000 copies
2000 on clear vinyl; 1000 with a G and a ray in the center, 1000 with black circles and superimposed gray; deleted

Test pressing owner list:
-stonerpope (FRANCE)
Cover Scans

Test press signed by josh (during Paris show, june 11 2003)

Front cover signed by Frank Kozik (in 1994)

Front cover signed by Josh : "The demo that became somethin' else"

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