Queens of the Stone AgeEdition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes Availability No.
2003/xx/xx Interscope QOTSA7 CD EU - 2 [1]
2003/xx/xx Interscope QOCDP7 CD EU - 2 [2]
2003/xx/xx Interscope W.O. #151600 VHS US 2 tracks 5 [3]
2003/xx/xx Polydor none VHS UK - 2 [4]

*Availability Rating: how easy it is to get this item on a scale from 1 to 5; 1 is very easy, 5 is damn near impossible.
First it Giveth [album version] [1] [2] - -
First it Giveth [video] - - [3] [4]
Demonoid Phenomenon [Rob ZOMBIE - video] - - [3] -
The Video
Naked Nick and smashy-smashy. Lots of live fun in this video, which was shot by English photography and QOTSA-buddy Nigel Copp. Live footage from the 2002 Glastonbury Fest and the tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers compiles the whole thing. No crazy animation this time.

The Promos
Both one-track promos are essentially identical except for the catalogue number. Each comes in a slimline jewel case with the artwork displayed below. The one track on each of these is First It Giveth (duh).

Pressing Info
1. unknown pressing quantity
2. Unknown pressing quantity
3. Unknown pressing quantity
4. Unknown pressing quantity

Cover Scans


W.O. #151600 VHS

Polydor VHS

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