Desert Sessions vols. 9 & 10
Edition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
2003/xx/xx Ipecac - 1CD - vols. 9 & 10 [1]
2003/xx/xx Ipecac - 10" - either two single 10"s or a double gatefold vinyl [2]
Wanta Make It Wit Chu [1] [2]
Powdered Wig Machine [1] [2]
The Guests
Dean Ween, Dave Catching, Chris Goss, Josh Freese, Alain Johannes, PJ Harvey, Twiggy Rameriez, Joey Castillo, Natasha Shneider, Brian "Big Hands" O'Connor, Troy van Leeuwen, The Tuff Gentlemen

This installment of the Desert Sessions was recorded at the Joshua Tree in December 2002. It will be released in the fall of 2003 on Ipecac Rekords.
Pressing Info
1. Unknown pressing quantity
2. Unknown pressing quantity
Cover Scans
no scans available

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