Masters of Reality - Deep in the Hole
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2001/10/04 Brownhouse Records - 1CD US - [1]
Third Man On The Moon [1]
A Wish For A Fish [1]
Counting Horses [1]
Major Lance [1]
Scatagoria [1]
High Noon Amsterdam [1]
Corpus Scorpios Electrified [1]
Deep In The Hole [1]
Roof Of The Shed [1]
Shotgun Son [1]
Deep in the Hole
Masters of Reality are about as connected to QOTSA as any band is going to get. Chris Goss, MOR's main man, has produced several Kyuss and QOTSA records. He essentially "discovered" Kyuss and helped shape their sound between Wretch and Blues for the Red Sun. After Kyuss split and Josh discovered he couldn't call his new band Gamma Ray, he wracked his brains for a name and it suddenly hit him in the middle of the night. He called up Goss to ask what he'd called Kyuss in the studio: it was Queens of the Stone Age. That's where the name comes from.

Chris Goss has his hands in just about everything Josh does as both a producer and player, including the Desert Sessions and any number of other side project. Brendon McNichol, another MOR member, toured with QOTSA from late 1999 to 2001 playing lap steel and guitar. He also contributed his talents to Rated R. Josh and Nick returned the favor on this album by contributing their talents. Troy van Leeuwen (APC) also makes a guest appearence.
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