Gary Lee Conner - Grasshopper's Daydream
Edition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
1999/01/xx Sub Pop SP 448 1LP US red vinyl; limited to 1300 or 3000 [1]
Grasshoppers Daydream (Josh plays electric guitar) [1]
Behind The Smile (Josh plays electric guitar) [1]
Josh's contribution
Josh played electric guitar on this album. Here are the other players: Gary Lee (vocals, acoustic guitar), Patrick Conner (bass), and Mark Pickerel (drums).

The vinyl is limited to either 1300 copies of 3000 copies. It may be that the red vinyl is limited to 1300 and the entire pressing is limited to 3000.
Pressing Info
1. 3000 pressed
Cover Scan
Thanks to polkawolf for the scan

Cover Scan

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