Better Living Through Chemistry Music Box
Edition Info
Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
2002/xx/xx Interscope - - US music box [1]
Queens of the Stone Age - Better Living Through Chemistry (music box) [1]
The music box
The Better Living Through Chemistry music box is one of those odd items that you're not sure you should spend the money on. It's limited to an unknown number of copies, so if you're gonna buy it, you better do it now. It costs $10 at the QOTSA store (see below) and plays the tune to Better Living. You can buy it by clicking on the banner below--if you go through this banner, thefade gets a small bit of the money you spend, which helps pay for hosting costs and drug habits. Just go to the 'Really Cool Stuff' part of the store to buy it.

Pressing Info
1. Unknown pressing quantity; limited edition
Cover Scans
The Box

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