Born to Do It Better
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Release Date Label ID Format Origin Notes No.
2000/10/11 Melody Maker - 1CD UK - [1]
JJ72 - Desertion [1]
King Adora - The Law [1]
At The Drive-In - One Armed Scissor [1]
Lauren Laverne - If You Phone [1]
My Vitriol - All of Me [1]
Brassy - B'cos We Rock [1]
Dilated Peoples - Ear Drum Pop [1]
Hundred Reasons - Change of Season [1]
Queens of the Stone Age - Mexicola (live at Bob's Garage) [1]
Papa Roach - Infest [1]
Lowgold - The Feelings [1]
Wilt - I Found Out [1]
Vast - Blue [1]
A Perfect Circle - Magdalena (live) [1]
Raging Speedhorn - Mandan [1]
Mexicola is live at Bob's Garage in Seattle, WA on 1999/02/15. This cut was also released on the QOTSA/Workhorse Movement split.

Melody Maker
This is QOTSA's second appearence on a Melody Maker compilation. Melody Maker is a UK music magazine.
Pressing Info
1. Unknown pressing quantity
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