The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys soundtrack
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2002/06/11 Milan Records - CD US - [1]
Joshua Homme - The Atomic Trinity [1]
Marco Beltrami - The Atomic Trinity vs. Heaven's Devils [1]
Marco Beltrami - The Empty House [1]
Marco Beltrami - The Couch [1]
Joshua Homme - Hanging (a.k.a. Ramble Off) [1]
Marco Beltrami - Margie's Confession [1]
Marco Beltrami - The Atomic Trinity vs. Heaven's Devils Round II [1]
Marco Beltrami - St. Agatha [1]
Canned Heat - On the Road Again [1]
Joshua Homme - Francis and Margie [1]
Marco Beltrami - Dead Dog, Part II [1]
Marco Beltrami - Skeleton Boy is Born [1]
Stephen Stills - Do for the Others [1]
Marco Beltrami - Story of the Fish [1]
Marco Beltrami - For the Gods/Act Like Cougars [1]
Marco Beltrami - Torn Apart [1]
Marco Beltrami - Someone is Coming [1]
Joshua Homme - Stoned [1]
B>Joshua Homme - Eulogy [1]
Joshua Homme - All the Same [1]
Josh and Nick were joined by ex-Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk for these songs.

Nick and Josh say:

"It was really cool because we'd never done soundtrack work before," singer/guitarist Homme said. "Usually people call you up and ask, 'Oh, will you put a song [from one of your records] on our soundtrack?' But for this we were actually watching this film go by and writing stuff to the scenes."

"Since the characters come to realize their superhero selves at these quick times, we had to make these abrupt [musical] punches at these weird times, which was challenging," added bassist/singer Oliveri.

"It took about 35 minutes to write it all," Homme boasted. "I've always thought that we're writing soundtrack music for movies that don't yet exist anyway, so when the movie existed it was like, 'Okay, I've got that one right there. No problem.'"
- from Queens of the Stone Age, Rage Members Make Music for 'Altar Boys'.
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1. unknown pressing quantity
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Altar Boys cover

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