!If you have any information on Nick, Troy, or Joeys setup, or even corrections on Troy's setup feel free to Email Me

Thanks to Travis and Dominik for the following information

Troy's Setup:  

Troy plays through one VT-22 with 2X12 cabinet (same as Josh) and a Bad Cat amp. The bad cat is the 30 watts black cat (basically the same amp as the matchless dc-30 or a modernized version of the Vox ac 30) - you get this info by visiting the bad cat website (its listed under "artist quotes"!)... It is not about matching the 120 watts Ampeg amp, it is more about cranking the 30 watts amp  (for power amp distortion) for a dirty sound - i think the Ampeg amp is set very clean and is used as a "clean channel". the guitarist of "the cult" does the same - a Roland jc120 for clean and a matchless dc-30 for dirt (he also uses Marshall's for heavy, "3 channels"), and switches them with an a/b box!
Troy's guitars:
Yamaha AES1500 hollow body
Gibson Les Paul's
Gibson ES-135
Chandler lap steel - tuned to open E
From Oct. "02 Guitar Player on Troy's effects: Boss Overdrive, Lexicon Vortex, DigiTech Double Play chorus/delay via Digital Music Ground Control Loop switcher, and a DigiTech Whammy for low-octave.  The lap steel is tuned to open E, and run through an Ernie Ball volume pedal, an mxr Distortion+, a Boss Reverb, and a Way Huge Aqua Puss Delay.  (Also taken off of Mathieu Tremblay site which I contributed a lot of info to.) 
Troy's synthesizer is a Nord Electro

Troy Spotting:

Troy has also been seen with the Mark Lanegan in Brussels, November 23 2003 playing a Yamaha telecaster, and a fender amplifier

Chris - "Saw Enemy and Mark Lanegan on their 7 day tour and Troy was playing a Schecter Gold top telecaster.  The effects listed on your site are correct.  He also had a Custom Audio Electronics FS2 (footswitch) in the mix." 




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