June 7, 2002 - Toronto Sun: Dave Grohl: Man was born to drum
by Kieran Grant
Queens Of The Stone Age were already a hard-hitting band.

But the California desert-rockers' gig at Lee's Palace saw them kick it up a notch with the valuable addition of a new drummer -- who just happens to be former Nirvana pounder and current Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

Grohl's presence behind the kit was unmistakable, from the first cymbal explosion of QOTSA's Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, and would provide the backbone for a gloriously pulverizing two-hour set.

Singer-guitarist Josh Homme guided the psych-metal expedition, touching on tunes from his band's upcoming Songs For The Dea -- due out Aug. 13 -- and masterworks such as Regular John and Avon, from their 1998 debut. Kicking up the grunge memories along with Grohl was former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan, who guested on several songs.

Grohl's signed on with QOTSA last year for Songs For The Deaf. Forget Foo Fighters -- here's hoping he stays. The man was born to drum.

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