August 2003 - Rock Sound: Mondo Generator - A Drug Problem That Never Existed
by Lewis Fraser
Mondo Generator is the deformed, mal-functioning, disease-ridden brother of QOTSA, led by the formidable Nick Oliveri. Joining him are Brant Bjork (drums), Dave Catching (guitar) and Molly Maguire (bass) - and there's also a whole heap of extras in the guise of Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan, Blag Dahlia (Dwarves) and Josh Freese amongst more.

Following no nicely from 00's "Cocaine Rodeo", "ADPTNE" is a schizophrenic affair which is consistently angry, eclectic as well as excitable, and illustrates another side to the man leading rock revolution with his day job in QOTSA. At just over 38 minutes, this is a short, sharp shock of a record that veers all over the place in musical styles.

Featuring pumped-up love boogies like "Do the Headright" and "Like you want", the noise revolutions of "Girl's like Christ" and the acoustic-led "Day I die" - this is consistently angry, eclectic and exciting. It's certainly not been created to be a mainstream classic album - this is a bunch of musicians having fun, and therefore it should be treated as just that. Kick back and enjoy.

Thanks to uncletommy for typing this one up!

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