August 3, 2003 - Q Magazine: Mondo Generator - A Drug Problem That Never Existed
by Victoria Segal
Nick Oliveri's reputation precedes him like a cattle stampede: Queen Of The Stone Age's hard-living, frequently naked bassist, he was famously thrown out of Los Angeles's vile Dwarves for being a bit extreme. Since 2000's Cocaine Rodeo, Oliveri has used the Mondo Generator side-project to unleash his most anti-social tendencies and, while there are plaintive acoustic moments - All I Can Do, Day I Die- listen closely and he's inciting listeners to necrophiliaccannibalism. Josh Homme, Mark Lanegan and Blag Jesus are among the pedigree guests but, at heart, sweat-blinded rock trashlike Meth I Hear You Callin' and the hilarious Girls Like Christ have nothing to do with class.

Thanks to Evel Kneivel for typing this one up!

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