August 28, 2002 - Chart Attack: Songs for the Deaf Review
by Aaron Brophy
Queens Of The Stone Age’s third album, Songs For The Deaf, all but defines everything that is good and righteous about hard rock. This time ‘round, Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme and their revolving cast of rock star guests have managed to create what may be damn near the best stoner rock record since Black Sabbath’s Paranoid. The lead track "Millionaires" magically sets the tone. Thundering, relentless and tough, the coy inclusion of some happy hand claps only make the song that much more endearing. This is followed by the jagged "No One Knows," creating a one-two punch that’s jaw-dropping. From there things waver a bit — it can’t all be magic — but the devastating title track, "Go With The Flow," and "Do It Again" are enough to make this one of the best records this year.

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