Sept. 25, 2000 - Queens Of The Stone Age May Be Opening Act Marilyn Manson Tour: Chart Attack
by Matt Mernagh
The last time Queens Of The Stone Age rolled into Toronto to perform a gig at Lee's Palace their audience, consisting of just about every kind of low-life imaginable, drank the bar dry. Add to the fact that they're dangerous rebels and pegged by one Brit weekly, NME, as the next Nirvana and you have the perfect opening act for the just announced Marilyn Manson tour.

ChartAttack's not blowing steam out his ass on this one either. When we finally got in touch with singer/guitarist Josh Homme to shoot the shit about what's new with the Queens Of The Stone Age he revealed that the band might be opening for the All-American Anti Christ. According to website Pollstar the band have the same dates free that Marilyn Manson is going out on. Coincidence? Here's what Homme had to say about it. "Maybe. Ya. We're still at maybe. Maybe."

Besides their musical merit, Marilyn might want the band on the tour for other reasons. The Queens have built a reputation as a hard drinking band and Manson would probably be highly interested in drinking Corona with QOTSA. "Maybe. [Big Laugh] We always grew up playing at parties. We think of a gig as a party where a band plays. I think we'll party with Manson. I think we can handle him. I think he can handle us. I think it would be mutual handling."

While Hommes was obviously being very cautious about discussing the possible tour, he remarked, "It'd be good. I'd be diggin' it. I like Manson, he makes people angry. We're loud and we play dark music. Something for all the kids.

As for the poor sap in each city that has to go out and fill the band's rider. [Editor's Dictionary: Rider, noun; A list of items that the band want in lieu of performing.] Homme laughed about the idea of what kind of party favours said sap would have to procure. "It would be like a sea of alcohol. We have Corona as many as we can get a hold of. Fifths of Vodka and fifths of Jack Daniels and bottles of Wine. I used to go to Europe and grab the beers of the world, now I'm at the point where if I can just drink Corona then that's what I'd like to do. Stick to the shit. Don't deviate."

Marilyn Manson tour dates haven't been announced for Canada yet. Thankfully, Homme, isn't worried about crossing our notorious border when the band arrive in Toronto, Oct 1 at the Opera House. "Kyuss went with the Dwarves in, like, '90 in two vans. They just looked at us and waved us through. As we were driving by they had a dog and they were searching this 70 year-old woman's trunk with her eight year-old grandson. They're ripping everything out of the trunk. We're like the Dwarves and Kyuss [going through] scot-free. She looked like a heroin smuggler, but looks can be deceiving."

The only way the band wouldn't come to our home was if Josh got the rubber glove treatment. "I'm not into the glove thing. What can I do?"

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