Feb. 10, 1999 - Calgary Sun: Queens Enjoy Life After Kyuss
by Lisa Walton
If Josh Homme had his way, nudity would be as acceptable and common as watching TV.

"I'll take my pants off right now in this phone booth," says the relaxed-sounding frontman of Queens of the Stoneage during quick stop in a small U.S. Midwest town.

"I like nudity. I don't get why it's such a big deal.... I don't understand why so many eyebrows go up and so many cheeks get red."

A few eyebrows have been raised by the cover of the Queens of the Stoneage's self-titled album, which features the lower half of a woman in a bikini bottom.

"It was a postcard I bought in Amsterdam six years ago and it always fascinated me."

Don't be surprised if at least a shirt comes flying off tonight at the Republik where the Queens are playing.

Riff-heavy, melodic and sleek, Queens of the Stoneage is a departure from Homme's previous band Kyuss, tipping its hat more to German experimentalists Can than heavy metallists Black Sabbath.

"There were a lot of things I couldn't do with Kyuss because of expectations people had of that band," explains Homme, whose bandmates Alfredo Hernandez (drums) and Nick Oliveri (bass) were also members of Kyuss.

"I'm sure some Kyuss fans were disappointed, but it seems most are not."

"In a way, I want some to be disappointed a little. We can't be the same band forever. We were really into Kyuss, so I don't want to sound like we're throwing it all away. It'd just be nice to be able to play whatever you hear in your head."

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