Sept. 2002 - Bust Magazine: We've Got a Heart on for Homme
by Laurie Henzel
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You gotta love a band that calls itself Queens of the Stone Age purportedly to freak out homophobic metalheads, creates an ingeniously impressive, heavy sound, and sports a charismatic frontman named Josh Homme who's a tall, cool drink of water, to say the least. At almost 6 feet 5 inches, the 29-year old Homme makes an impression when he walks in the room, and, despite his band's rep for paryting as hard as they rock, he is a funny, friendly, and polite guy who's genuinely concerned about girls getting clobbered in the mosh pits at his shows. And oh yeah, he's single.

A natural redhead (when asked if "the carpet matched the curtains," Homme laughingly told me, "Yeah, it's real."), Homme is diplomatic on the question of whether he gets the lion's share of female attention while the group is on tour. "I think that thisis a band of individuals, and I think girls have their own individual tastes as well. So it's tough to say who does what, because I'm not like a big 'kiss and tell' guy, you know? I don't run on the tour bus and go, 'Yeah, I just screwed my brains out!'" Okay, so the man is discreet. But what about tour-bus sex? "Yeah sure. Why not?" he says, casually. "The back lounge has a lock on the door for a damn good reason. After all, if you drive around with no home, but you're also in your home, you need love. Touch is essential." (In other words, if the bus is a-rockin' -- don't come a-knockin'.)

When asked about the strangest place he's ever had sex, Josh has a difficult time choosing. "Wow, I'm sort of like a public guy, so it depends," he laughs. "There's make-out point, movie theaters, playgrounds. I'm not really shy, and I'm not in a shy band." (Note: bassist Nick Oliveri has been known to perform butt naked.) It's hard to resist posing the classic if-you-could-have-sex-with-anyone-from-history question and here, too, Homme clearly has excellent taste: "It would probably be Raquel Welch during one million years b.c., that would be something." And how does he feel about being called a sex object? "Well, you know, if that's what I was, I wouldn't mind it one bit."

Huge thanks to Angel L. Venable for typing this up!

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