July 11 2005 - Pitchforkmedia Interview
by Chart Attack staff
Tempers seem to have cooled down since late November when Queens Of The Stone Age singer/guitarist Josh Homme attacked Dwarves singer Blag Dahlia with a bottle. Responding rather aggressively to a snide remark in the Dwarves Song "Massacre," Homme was less than impressed, bashing Dahlia over the head just before a Dwarves gig.

Ah, the Blag situation," sighs Queens keyboardist Troy Van Leeuwan. Tepid about discussing the issue, he only offers up the comment that the band, "thought (the song) was funny."

Featuring the line "This one goes out to Queens of the Trustfund/You slept on my floor and now I'm sleeping through your motherfucking records," "Massacre" is less than flattering. Regardless, if the band thought it was funny, why did Homme react thusly?

"The one thing I know about Blag is that he’s trying to get press," grunts Van Leeuwan. "I’m not gonna bother with it, ‘cause I know the history of Blag and the history of that track. I know what he did to get it made and it’s not cool how he does things. The comment is funny… [the reaction] is about shit behind it. That said, I’m not gonna give him any more press."

Unfortunately for Van Leeuwan, the conversation just rolls over to the departure of long-time bassist Nick Olivieri (who, amusingly enough, played bass on "Massacre"). Describing his absence on the new Queens album Lullabies To Paralyze as "sad but necessary," Van Leeuwan is just happy that the situation has been put to bed.

"The stuff with Nick happened but it’s all good now. He’s cool. He hangs out with us, ‘cause brothers are brothers. Josh started this thing by himself and along the way a lot of people have been involved. There are always guests around and more people will come in and out. The idea is that you will get to play the music you like… you just have to be good and put pressure on yourself in that you challenge yourself. I don’t know if Nick was doing that at the end. It’s not my place to say. I just want to play music…"

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