July 19, 2002 - CD Flash: Songs for the Deaf Review
by unknown
Note: This review was originally written in Italian. Google's translator was used to translate it.

Entered in machine, connected the seat belt, and ignites the radio. It begins therefore concept the album of the Queens Of the Stone Age, band Californian been born from the premature outbreak of the meteor Heavy/Psych Kyuss. The QOTSA are based on a nucleus center formed them from Josh Homme low (guitar and voice) and Nick Olivieri (and voice) both former Kyuss, around the which several gravitano musicians who however do not figure in the official formation of the band. "Song for the deaf", third album of the group, sees therefore the participation of Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) that it demonstrates once again of being an excellent drummer, and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) that us delight in three brani with its splendid voice. The "dream team" for the occasion is only one of the reasons for which "SFTD" more interesting of the last years is the album rock, because "SFTD" is not a album like the others, is itself a kaleidoscope of emotions dominated from a dark atmosphere but not ossessiva on which the incredible guitar of Homme succeeds to contaminate the mind to you with continuous stilistiche tackings supported from a deep bottom that goes to wedding with the sand bank precision of Mr Grohl. Omitting the incredible technical competences of the musicians they are however the compositions to astound for perfection and variety. The allucinata madness of the punk/rock of "Millionare" is only before 15 pearls, a fist to the stomach that transports us to first the single one of the album "Not one Knows", the magic and grandiosità of the group is reassumed in these four minuteren and means, robotici and ossessivi rhythms with of the lascivi and paranoici choruses that they introduce a ritornello based on the most powerful one riff of guitar are the demonstration that can be "trades them" without to decrease the pants. But in order to enter in Mount Olympus the creativity of continuous the Homme/Olivieri team is not allowed to tension decrease and therefore to be strange to us with the incredible one ritornello of "First it Giveth", with the dark "Song for the dead", that it sees the first apparition of Mark Lanegan, and the surrealistic "Sky is falling". I could continue to speak you about the every beauty of single brano, of the fact that "Another love song" and "Do it again" already from the first one I listen willing to you in the head without to leave you in peace, but the more important thing second me is that "SFTD" is a album that not formation under to a precise label, is a job that you will confuse every time, and also after tens of listenings it will make to discover to new shadings you. "SFTD" is a skillful job and overflow of infuences, from the psichedelia to the punk to hard rock the more classic, the all travisato from the madness cocaine addict of its ideatori. The album finishes with the most powerful one and damned "Song for the deaf" and for a moment it seems to be returns to you to the times of "Sky Valley", but it is not therefore, because the horizons of the QOTSA do not have limits, and the test the hidden trace "Mosquito song" atypical dancing where fisarmoniche, military instruments to arc atmospheres gita some and rhythms will dismiss to you with a sense of melancholy from the more interesting album of the year. To not listen to this jewel would be a sin. Long live the Queens!

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