QOTSA 2005
May 15th 2005: The Marquee Theater: Tempe, AZ
Someone's in the Wolf
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
You Would Know
No One Knows
Broken Box
Leg of Lamb
Monsters in the Parasol
In My Head
Little Sister
Burn the Witch
Everyone Knows You're Insane (abandoned)
Tangled up in Plaid
Go With the Flow
Song for the Dead
Long Slow Goodbye
Regular John
Recording Info
Audio: Sanken COS 11s-pt RM > bass filter> Sony PCM-M1 (oade)
Audio: Nakamichi cm300 (90 x/y)>Nak 550 cassette deck(rca out)>M1(line in).
          mic stand behind the board, just right of center, 10 feet up.
          missing 20 seconds during a tape change, right before "monster". no music lost.
Audio: DPA 4061's>D100(line in) (on same stand as above)
Audio: Rode NT4(@sbd)>Marantz PMD670(CF Card) CF>Vaio K35>Polderbits>Flac
no pictures/scans

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