QOTSA 2004
May 1st, 2004- Empire Polo Field - Coachella Festival:  Indio, CA
The Desert Sessions
Set: (out of order?)
Don't Drink the Poison [vol. 7] (Andy from Distillers, Alain on mandolay)
Covered in Punks Blood [vol. 9]
Dead in Love [vol. 9] w. Mark, Natasha, Alain, Tim, Troy, Joey, Brian, and Chris on all
Hangin Tree [vol. 7] Mark, Josh
In My Head... or Something [vol. 10] w. Brody
Up in Hell [vol. 7] Natasha, Chris lead, Alain on mandolay
I Wanna Make it Wit Chu [vol. 9]
Cold Sore Superstars [vol. 8] Josh, Mark, Tim lead vocals
Making a Cross [vol. 8] Alain lead
Nenada [vol. 7] Natasha lead
Rickshaw [vol. 6]
Do you Wanna Touch? [Joan Jett] w. Brody lead
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