July 15, 2003 - Pepsi Smash: Los Angeles, CA
No One Knows
Go with the Flow
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So the Pepsi Smash thing last night was pretty lame. And Queens knew it. Someone I work with actually saw them on a plane coming to L.A. two nights before... it was pretty obvious from the setup that they were flown in and out just to play two songs for this new pop TV show.

It was taped in Hollywood in a hangar-like film complex with two very small stages, bleachers holding about 400 kids and 200 standing on the floor. I don't say "kids" lightly - mean age was probably 16.

Beyonce Knowles, the main event, performed three songs first, then came back to do one more after QOTSA played. She was the obvious big draw, probably on first so she wouldn't have to spend the rest of the day standing around (like the rest of us).

Then came QOTSA on the opposing stage... the only real surprise to those of us who have seen them in L.A. in the last year or so was Josh's new 'do - which tells you how weak an event it was. He's got an red arrow sticking out the back of his head, and it takes a second glance to realize it's his hair cut in prepatory mullet form.

They played "No One Knows," then "Go with the Flow," and then a handful of grips ran onstage to tell them, despite their pleas, that they couldn't do just one more (which would have been "First It Giveth," no doubt). It was like seeing Nirvana play "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Come as You Are" and skipping "Lithium" for the umpteenth time. Roar.

Josh came out to the side of the room I wasn't on to shake hands and say hello to two or three fans, but he was soon rushed out... I'm guessing to catch the plane to Cincinnati to play today.

Audience seemed fairly into it, even though Trapt blew - I mean drew - the most love from the crowd.
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