May 13, 2003 - Air Canada Center: Toronto, ON
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Do It Again
Go with the Flow
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Song for the Dead
Sky is Fallin
Tension Head
In the Fade
No One Knows
Recording Info
Len Src Fmt A/V Equipment Notes
43m AUD MD A ECM-DS70P->Sharp MS-702 7th Row, 40' from SBD
Review by Krablingy

Eighties metal will always carry the distinction of being abnormally loud. At a time when the likes of Spinal Tap were just beginning their experimentation with the number eleven, the flipside of the coin was emblazoned with the desert swirl of shit and gasoline. There were the glams and there were the shams.

A decade and a half after the pinnacle of artistic integrity associated with any element - metal or non-metal - it appears that a hoax has been perpetrated by the producers of both the sedimentary and igneous varieties of rock. Where the aim was once to astound with its solid foundation of key musical aestheticism, the point was now to take control of the senses altogether, to incapacitate.

To control is to dominate the senses to the very limit of physical reaches, and Queens of the Stone Age has proven a worthy challenger in the war on the auditory. Like a cancer trying to engulf a slightly smaller and less evolved cancer, sonic waves swallow the sense as guitars and drums strike away with electronic proficiency.

To the untrained mind and the unprepared ear, nothing is happening. No meaning of any importance is to be derived from this series of noises; No idea to be taken away from the amplified chanting larynx.

Welcome to the Sublimerica Center, home of the thought-free. Population: three-fifths of nineteen-thousand Red Hot Chili Pepper fans, and a dozen or so heavy duty heads.

Jammin' and slammin' and swearin' and tearin' into your heads, God is here, and a bunch of suburban smart asses just sold you a soup for your birthrights. Jesus certainly was the biggest superstar of them all, and Josh Homme and Nik Oliveri are coming to a town near you to turn the water in your ears into mushy brain nutrients. They're taking over your mind, and for once, somebody ought to let them.
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