March 11, 2003 - Sunset Station: San Antonio, TX
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
You Would Know
Quick and to the Pointless
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Ode to Clarissa
Go with the Flow
Monsters in the Parasol
Leg of Lamb
Gonna Leave You
Hangin' Tree
Auto Pilot
Song for the Dead
God is in the Radio
Another Love Song
Song for the Deaf
No One Knows
Tension Head
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Recording Info
Len Src Fmt A/V Equipment Notes
74m AUD ANA A - -
- AUD ANA A Aiwa TP-VS715 cassette recorder incomplete; Millionaire, You Would Know, 1/2 of Quick, 1/2 of Lost Art
Show Notes by Tony Tarantula

o Last date with Rye Coalition as opener (thank God)
o "Spiders & Vinegaroons" provides the backdrop as QOTSA moseys onstage
o Nick introduced the band
o Nick stands on the speakers adjacent to the front row for parts of "Millionaire" and "No One Knows"
o Josh visibly sick. the evidence:
o asked roadie for a cup of hot tea; had throat vapor spray situated in front of drum kit
o coughed, sniffed a lot
o didn't stand on monitor, as he was doing a lot at the beginning of the tour
o Lanegan onstage for six straight songs (sung backup on "Another Love Song"), including "God Is on the Radio," which hasn't been played much this tour
o Only one song from the first album. even if they did throw in "Ode to Clarissa," they knew they weren't catering to many hardcore fans here - people barely recognized the Rated R tunes, even
o As he's been doing a lot on this tour, between songs Josh says "Take drugs," audience howls, he gives them an awkward look
o Josh bites on guitar strings Hendrix-style during one of the earlier songs
o Not one of their better gigs. Josh and Nick looked at each other a lot during the very out-of-tune "Monsters in the Parasol," some other songs a bit off
o Alternate "Leg of Lamb" closing lyric: "I tell you what / I'd get fucked / If I knew I fucked."
o "Gonna Leave You" - Nick did all but the last verse in Spanish
o "Song for the Deaf" - Josh takes one guitar, sets it on a ringing effect and puts it in front of one of the speakers near the drum set, plays with another guitar
o Alternate "No One Knows" lyrics: "We get these pills to follow / . / I journeyed through the Ozarks."
o Josh lights a lighter mid-way through "No One Knows," cracks a grin; many in the audience imitate him

6.5 out of 10 for QOTSA (but 11 out of 10 for any normal gig, DOOOODE!)
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