Jan. 25, 2003 - Sydney Showground: Sydney, AUS
Set (out of order):
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Hangin' Tree
Song for the Dead
Sky is Fallin
Go with the Flow
Gonna Leave You
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Quick and to the Pointless
Tension Head
Ode to Clarissa
Regular John
No One Knows
Recording Info
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Review by Foxy

I was in a great position centre about 15ft from the barrier. When qotsa were due out there mere a few chants and clapping rounds and when they walked out the said next to nothing and kicked straight into millionaire.. What a rockin way to start nicks voice was really cool during this one... Then Came Feelgood Hit the crowd really got into it... then there were other great performances song for the dead and hanging tree were great... The highlight was Regualr John for sure... When Josh first hit the first chord i screamed liked a madman, anyhow it was an amazing version, the middle was exteneded out and josh was doing a great unnacompanied solo when the whole crowd started to clap along (god knows why you clap along to solos but i found myself clapping along too and it worked out really well) as the whole crowd started clapping josh looked up and smiled... Then the clapping instantly started to increase tempo, and Josh then kept his solo to the temp the crowd had now set and it kept on going as fast as everony clapped the solo sped up to that pace it was amazing... they then went back into the song and finished it by saying "you guys fuckin rock." Then into No One Knows everyone was waiting for it and they did not let anyone down... They finished their set at about 7 which gave them 15 minutes extra so people were hanging around to see more but then janes addiction started setting up i run over to the other stage to catch PJ Harvey. Qotsa were one of the reasons i was there and they did not disappoint...
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