Nov. 18, 2002 - Reithalle: Bern, CH
Mosquito Song                                            
Six Shooter                                     
Bloody Hammer [Rocky Erickson]                
Go With The Flow                            
Hangin' Tree                                    
Detroit [Mondo Generator]                
I'm Dead [Desert Sessions 5&6]                   
Gonna Leave You [Spanish Version] 
Four Corners [Mondo Generator]                   
I Want You To Die [Mondo Generator]           
First It Giveth                                              
All That I Got? [Lanegan?]                
Like A Drug [Desert Sessions 5&6]   
No One Knows                                            
On Jesus` Program [Lanegan]                     
Auto Pilot                                      
You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory [Johnny Thunders]
Another Love Song                          
Better Living Through Chemistry
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Review by: Mitch

Nick and Josh played an awesome acoustic gig on November 18th at the Reithalle in Bern. The show was announced the evening before on a "regular" QOTSA show in Fribourg. The boys were in great shape, they played several QOTSA songs along with Mondo-, Desert Sessions and Cover-Stuff (similar to the set that was played on Nov. 15th in Berlin). The venue suited really perfect, and the sofa on stage only improved the already very relaxing mood. Mark Lanegan also had some appearances with his adults-only voice sounding smokier than ever. The boys on stage seemed to enjoy every second (so did I) and I can only hope that all those unlucky people out there might catch them on the next occasion, cuz' it was really worth it. Catch them if you can...
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