Nov. 15, 2002 - Silverwings: Berlin, DE
This was a solo acoustic show by Nick; Joey Castillo played bongos on one song and Mark Lanegan sang a few songs

Six Shooter [QOTSA]
Bloody Hammer [Roky Erickson]
Another Love Song [QOTSA]
All I Can Do [Mondo Generator]
So High, So Low [Mondo Generator]
Detroit [Mondo Generator]
Auto Pilot [QOTSA] (Mark on vox)
I Want You To Die [Mondo Generator]
Demonica [Dwarves]
You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory [Johnny Thunders]
Gonna Leave You [QOTSA]
Day I Die [Mondo Generator]
Encore 1:
F.Y.I'm Free [Mondo Generator]
Here We Come [Mondo Generator]
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow [The Ramones] (incomplete)
unknown song
Encore 2:
Happy Birthday [Hill/Hill/Coleman]
Ode to Clarissa [QOTSA]
Jr. High Love [Mondo Generator]
Four Corners [Mondo Generator]
Encore 3:
Back to Dungaree High [Turbonegro]
Quick and to the Pointless [QOTSA]
unknown song
Encore 4:
Miss Mary Got A Boob Job [Mondo Generator]
Do the Headright [Mondo Generator]
Me and You [Mondo Generator]
Recording Info
Len Src Fmt A/V Equipment Notes
79m AUD A Aiwa CM-P11 > Aiwa AM-F75 in front of the right PA
Review by: Alex

the next day, friday, there was a rumour they'll perform one more secret, club-gig. i was able to find out there is a show on friday announced as mondo generator. i lined up very early but it wasn't a problem to score tickets as very few people knew about this. the show turned out to be a nick olivieri SOLO ACOUSTIC show! he performed 80 min to a crowd of 150-200 people. he was in an excellent mood, telling jokes, being drunk but still very entertaining. the set contained QOTSA songs ("six shooter", "gonna leave you", "another love song", "quick & to the pointless", "ode to clarissa"), mondo generator songs ("i want you to die"), cover tunes ("throw your arms around a memory", "demonica") & lots & lots of oddities.

the highlight of the show was when nick was joined by no other than MARK LANEGAN for a great version of "autopilot" & another song i didn't know. man, i was in heaven! unbelievable to witness this. i am still grinning.

josh homme was in the audience alright (looking very cool when lighting his cigerattes) but as nick commented "it's his day off, man!". ;-)

so when they come to your town watch out for possible secret shows like this. they did it in london & reportedly in hamburg, too. there is a mondo generator show at the melkweg in december! ....
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