Oct. 31, 2002 - Southampton Guildhall: Southampton, UK
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Quick and to the Pointless
If Only
Sky is Fallin
Leg of Lamb
Gonna Leave You
Hangin' Tree
Auto Pilot
Song for the Dead
Better Living Through Chemistry
No One Knows
Tension Head
Go with the Flow
Song for the Deaf
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Ode to Clarissa
Monsters in the Parasol
Regular John
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Review by: Jack / deafyunlearn.com

Millionaire began the show. This Belgian piece proved to have a somewhat alternative approach to their music. Grasping some of the stereotypical European electronic sound, the band still rocked their part. Tim Vanhamel, on vocals, proved to jazz the stage just as much as his funky hairdo played it’s own essence of jazz. Some could say he was ‘OTT’, I’d just say excited to be in another new rock band with another degree of originality in their sound. On top of the basics, I will always remember the perfect pose he gave to my disposable camera as I hung over a mate to catch a photographic glimpse of his kinetics.

You cannot define nor brand just what then Queens Of The Stone Age are. In reality, they’re just a band in a world of their own, ignoring the factory line of ‘in-trend’ genres. What’s most intriguing, they’re unfamiliar sound is genius. ‘Songs for The Deaf’, they’re most recent album, has blown fans, critics and other artists away. It seems that ‘Songs For The Deaf’ kept the skeleton of the ‘Queens’ rock-core and gave some brand new skin and blood to create some electric difference.

‘Gladdened’ in Halloween dress, in some sweet style I must add, the ‘Queens’ graced the stage. There was different criterion of fright throughout the audience. Would the ‘Queens’ fulfil the expectations? Will that twenty-stone fucker in front chip my teeth during ‘No One Knows’? Shit, I’m at the front, what happens if I need the kazi during ‘Feel Good Hit of The Summer’? Well fans from the latter criteria can be eased, because Feel Good Hit of The Summer was second on the set. The second group should have bought their gum shields and the first; let’s just say there was no reason to ‘hide behind the pillows’. What people wanted was what they got.

The self-titled debut and ‘Rated R’ were covered. Of course with the fresh new material from ‘Songs For The Deaf’. This show was the ‘Rumble In The Jungle’, or should I say the ‘Queens’ ‘Consumption of Southampton’. They did hunger their fans and they did eat and regurgitate us. The set was a boxing match after all. Oliveri’s bass was a firm and harsh right hook. Castillo's drums were pumping upper cuts. Homme and Troy Van Leeuwen's guitars were razor jabs and the vocals were the psych that finished a sweet final blow.

The silky shadows on the wall displayed the scary silhouette of the band shone on the hard sides of this traditional styled venue. It seemed these dark ghosts on the wall could pretty much convey a lot of the energy produced by this catalyst of a band. ‘No One Knows’ and ‘Song For The Dead’ were in my opinion; the hardcore live songs of the new album. The audience was a riot; men, woman and even some children used the claws of the ‘Queens’ material, to literally rip the warm air apart inside the Guildhall.

The ‘Queens Of The Stone Age’ are a rigid group of talented artists that can match their new studio sounds with an outstanding live show. One of my most colourful recommendations goes to anyone debating on the silly issue of whether to watch this band live.
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