Sept. 24, 2002 - Oak Mountain Ampitheatre: Birmingham, AL
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Monsters in the Parasol
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Another Love Song
Song for the Dead
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Go with the Flow
No One Knows
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Review by pleasantly confused

As far as the Birmingham show it was quite a let down after having just seen greatness the night before at Earthlink in Atlanta. They went on at 6:30 while the sun was still out. There were several bands playing after them(which we did not bother to watch)the crowd was very thin, but those of us that were there were die-hard fans. Stage banter was minimal but consisted of Josh introducing himself by saying Hello I'm Josh, I'm with the band. He also made a comment about how it felt good to drink in Alabama. He made fun of the crowd during the middle of no one knows he told the us to break out our lighters, "because I know someone around here has got some dope"( its very dry here right now) and once the lighters were lit he said, "this is a moment of fellowship and communion so turn to the pussy to your left, now turn to the pussy on your right now say I love you pussy!" pretty funny even if he was making fun of us. I have to say that the new drummer is doing a very good job. both in Atlanta and B'ham he has just nailed the shit out of the drums on "Songs for the Dead" which was the one I was most afraid that he would not be able to pull off. All in all the B'ham show was not bad but it was just very short, kind of a teaser that just made us want to get to New Orleans that much quicker.
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