Sept. 20, 2002 - The Pageant: St. Louis, MO
Monsters in the Parasol
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Quick and to the Pointless
Sky is Fallin
If Only
Gonna Leave You
Hangin' Tree
Auto Pilot
Song for the Dead
No One Knows
How to Handle a Rope
Better Living Through Chemistry
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Go with the Flow
Ode to Clarissa
Song for the Deaf
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
God is in the Radio
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Review by Rachel C.

This was a really amazing show.

Peaches came on first, and she was totally unexpected and very amusing. She sang a lot of songs about fucking and antagonized the audience. I think most people enjoyed it even if it wasn't strictly their thing, just because it was so bizarre.

Trail of Dead went on next, and the were very entertaining. I don't know any of their names, but the lead guitarist and drummer kept switching instruments and the drummer would jump into the pit and fuck with the crowd. They played mostly songs from their newest album, Source Tags and Codes (or Source Codes and Tags, whichever it is) and were pretty fucking loud and awesome. They dedicated their set to "the boring fuckers at the bar" and maimed their instruments at the end. It was my first time seeing people crowd surfing at a show, but that was the kind of energy that Trail of Dead gave off. It was kind of hostile and confrontational, but completely entertaining. I saw the lead singer walking around the venue during QOTSA's set.

And then there were the Queens of the Stone Age. The roadies came out and promptly set up their gear, which was a pleasant surprise. The show started with the lights dimming, of course, and Feel Good Hit of the Summer being played over the PA. Then the band walked out, Nick was shirtless as usual, tattoos visible, and josh was casual, wearing jeans and a blue collared shirt, and they actually played Feel Good. Very loud, cool light show. The next song was "monsters in the parasol", I hear they like to start out their sets with that one.

After that I can't remember the exact setlist, but they played about equally from Rated R and SFTD. Some I can remember are: No One Knows, the Sky is Falling, Hanging Tree, Autopilot, Better Living Through Chemistry, Song for the Deaf, Gonna Leave You, and the Lost Art of Keeping a Secret. One of my personal favorites was Hanging Tree with Mark Lanegan, and Better Living Through Chemistry for that guitar solo section in the middle of it. Josh Homme is god.They ended the show with Secret, and encored with God is In the Radio--not one of my favorites but good all the same. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't play In the Fade, but it didn't really go with the aggressive vibe of the show.

It was very, very cool and worth the $23.50 I paid for my ticket. They played a solid hour and a half show, and though the venue probably wasn't at full capacity the people who were there really seemed to enjoy it. I kind of got the feeling that it was a crowd of people who hadn't really been introduced to QOTSA before and maybe were just looking for something to do on a Friday night. Anyhow, it was probably the best show I've seen so far and I hope they come back to St. Louis really, really soon.
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