June 16, 2002 - Slims: San Francisco, CA
Monsters in the Parasol
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Quick and to the Pointless
You Would Know
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
Hanging Tree
Song for the Dead
I Think I Lost My Headache
No One Knows
I'm Gonna Leave
Walkin the Sidewalks (Mark Lanegan on vox)
Ode to Clarissa
Tension Head
Encore 1:
Regular John
Do It Again
God is Radio
Encore 2:
If Only [not played]
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Recording Info
no info available
Review by: Virak S.

San Francisco's Slim's has been a place for great performances over the years. Josh and Co. return and just may have played one of the best performances ever at Slim's. The Show kicks off with Monsters in the Parasol which pretty much warms up the band and gets the crowd in a get-ready-to-be-rocked mood. After the song, Dave throws his red and white shirt off and does his trademark water bottle spray out. And this signals his pure adrenaline kick into an agressive version Feel Good Hit of the Summer, which is followed by Quick and to the Pointlesss matching that same energy. You Would Know is followed and really gets the crowd into it as it is a fan favorite. The pumped up adrenaline fest returns with Millionaire where Nick's voice reaches screaching magnitudes a lot like his Mondo Generator songs. Josh announces that the next few song are new ones as the crowd roars with approval. Then Mark makes his first appearance in a quiet flash to sing on great back to back leads on Hanging Tree and Songs for the Dead. Marks great tone is a sonic amazement that left me in awe. With the Screaming Trees, Mark has also played a number of great shows at Slim's in the past. Dave's awesome drum solo at the beginning of Dead is reminiscent of a John Bonham is his Led Zeppelin prime (also leaving me to wish I was older so I could've heard him in person in Scream and Nirvana days). Josh also greatly compliments Mark's vocals on these songs. As Mark leaves, the band goes into a thoroughly long and energetic tempo-changing pounding in I Think I Lost My Headache. Not only is the band drained of energy and sweat but so is the crowd. After the conclusion of Headache, Dave, a little exhausted, showers a bottle of water I was happy to get splashed by some water as Dave uses his bottle like a wand to splashes the crowd to cool off a little. This is followed by Avon, which I noticeably leaves Dave unable to play the drum solo probably due to the energy spent on Headache. Nonetheless, a great performance solo or not. Then the band plays No One Knows which had an incredible beat by Dave. This is followed by Nick's song Gonna Leave You. When I first heard this song, I thought Josh was singing lead, and found it pretty interesting to find out that Nick has a song where he doesn't scream. Then Mark makes his return to the stage to sing on Walking on the Sidewalks. As always, there is heavy thrashing of guitars by Josh and Troy. This followed by by three great performances of gems Old to Clarissa, Tension Head and Regular John. They were all flawless versions. Of course with Dave Grohl these songs have added flavor. Then, the band plays Do It Again where the crowd chants along "Hey." The band leaves the stage for about a minute and returns with Mark to play God is Radio for the first encore. Noticeably funny, during the interlude, somebody from the crowd shouts out "You Guys are Sooo Sensitive!" Josh immediately shouts back "Shutup or Your gonna hurt my feelings" sacastically to make the crowd laugh. Josh plays awesome guitar to finish out the track as Mark leaves prematurely before the song ends. The band leaves again only to return with one final encore of The Lost Art of Keeping A Secret. All in all, this show was amazing from beginning to end. I'll never forget it....--Virak S.
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