May 29, 2002 - Theatre of the Living Arts: Philadelphia, PA
Monsters in the Parasol
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
Quick and to the Pointless
First It Giveth
You Would Know
Song for the Dead
Hangin' Tree
I Think I Lost My Headache
No One Knows
Gonna Leave You
Ode to Clarissa
Tension Head
Regular John
Do It Again
God is in the Radio
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
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Review by: Chris

Myself, my girlfriend and two friends arrived at the TLA on South Street that Wednesday night after being ripped off at the local Johnny Rocket's ($5 for a burger and no fries? Fuck that.) They opened the doors at about 7 PM...the tickets said 8. We worked our way frisking, I noticed, unlike other shows...and we formed a 2nd row behind the people who already made their way up to the metal barrier.

The shaggy-headed DJ was up there, stage right, spinning records like the Cars' first album...the Clash's Combat Rock and Dead Kennedys' Plastic Surgery Disasters. I think I liked the idea of a DJ a lot better rather than a piss-poor opening band....we hung out and chatted while Hutch was setting up the boards and the folks were filing in.

It grew increasingly hot in the TLA.....easilly moving close to 90 degrees. At about 8:30 the TLA's air conditioning was turned out...and it felt damn good. However, in the next 30 minutes more and more people packed in closer to the stage, and we were like sardines. The roadie feverishly taped up setlists which were delightfully long.

Around 9:05, the house lights went down...and on came "Spiders and Vinegaroons," which just might be the damn greatest intro music I've heard from a band. Dave came out first and sat down behind the kit...followed by Troy...then a shirtless Nick.....then Josh. Dave struck his sticks together - 1-2-3 and "Monsters in the Parasol" was the first tune we heard. Josh's vocals weren't as up in the mix as we in the front would've liked...but I attribute that to us standing in front of a couple of Ampegs which may have drowned out the house system for us. After Monsters...Nick introduced the band and they started into 'Feel Good Hit."

The band sounded great....heavier than the last time I saw them. Dave was clearly having fun...and he's one of the most energetic drummers I've seen live. Nick was having a great time as usual. Josh was his usual aloof self and Troy seemed like he could've fallen asleep at any second. When it came time for Mark to do his tunes....he appeared seemingly out of nowhere....dressed like a farmer with a cap and flannel shirt...and he belted out "Hanging Tree," "God is Radio" and another new tune...probably "song for the dead."

One of the highlights of the show for me was Tension Head....which seemed to get the most reaction out of the audience....the Drunk Asshole next to me started crowding my girlfriend's space and I was forced to throw some elbows. 2 crowdsurfers appeared and the place was jumpin'. "I think i lost my headache" was great too...with an intro vastly superior to the LP...heavy, tripped-out...and it sped up toward a climax.

The new material was rocked hard and seemed to have a strong sense of rhythm. My favorite was "No One Knows' has some of Josh's most complex singing i've yet heard.

By the end of the had to be 100 degrees in the goddamn hot but they kept playing song after song...Millionaire was fuckin heavy and Nick put the entire mic in his mouth as he sang.

The evening's jam occured in 'God is Radio" wherein Josh was exhibiting a bluesy solo. He said "Let's see your lighters....I'm having a personal fucking moment. It's very special." Drunk Asshole #2 directly next to me shouted "I'm so fucking stoned right now!" to which Josh replied "Well, that makes one of us."
Picture by: Kevin

Scan by: Chris Middleman

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