March 7, 2002 - Troubadour: Los Angeles, CA
Monsters in the Parasol
Quick and to the Pointless
Feel Good Hit of the Summer
No One Knows (w/a flute player)
I Think I Lost My Headache
Hanging Tree
God is Radio
Leg of Lamb
Song for the Dead
You Would Know
Tension Head
Regular John
Song for the Deaf
Go with the Flow
You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
I'm Gonna Leave (not played)
The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
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30m PRO - V - broadcast on MTV2 July 19, 2002: Monsters in the Parasol, No One Knows, Hanging Tree, Tension Head, The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
Review by: Thomas


....My friends and I arrived at The Troubador just before 7:00(doors opened @ 8), checked out the place, and then grabbed some dinner. We got back at around 15 til, and sure enough people were starting to pour in from everywhere. Just five days earlier I waited in line for six hours at the club to be certain I would get tickets for this special show, as I knew Dave Grohl was going to be drumming, Mark Lanegan was now aboard, and other people might be "popping up". At this time it wasn't known to everybody that Grohl was going to become a full-time member of the band, so I thought this may have been just a one time deal. Everyone else that night thought the same....

We were all finally let in at about 8:15. We got some drinks, and then headed to the front to claim our spaces. A DJ served as the opening act, and I'm assuming now that it was C Minus. I didn't find him all that bad, but he was doing his thing for waaayyyy too long. He ended up going on for a solid hour! Finally though, the dude packed up his equipment and all the filming crew began setting up there stuff. The one bad thing about the show was the excess of cameramen, photographers, and journalists. Right before the show, all of us fans in the front were pushed rudely back by all the photographers and camera crew people. You think they would have been all set up before hand, but at least the photograpehrs buggered out soon after the show started....Anyways....

At around 9:30, the band got on stage, with Grohl popping his head out first. Nick and Josh came out soon after, and after Josh giving a brief introduciton, the band went rocking right in to Monsters. The band was incredibly fucking loud that night, since this was my first time I don't know if they always are, but it was just incredible. Dave was ferrociously pounding away at the drums like a madman, and Nick was going fucking nuts. While screaming his head off during Quick and To The Pointless, he often placed his mouth over the head of the mic and shook his head violently. It was quite a sight. The band continued with their anthem, Feel Good Hit Of The Summer, and then went into the first NEW song of the evening, No One Knows. Josh sang this new tune, and it was a pretty straightforward rock song, with the Queens vibe running all throughout it.

Also on hand that evening was Eleven's Alain Johannes, playing flute oddly on one song and 2nd guitar on some others, and Brendon on the lap guitar/2nd guitar. Jack Black and his Tenacious D bandmate was around as well, Chris Goss, and some other more famous people not worth mentioning.....

Next were Avon and Headache, sounding absolutely terrific and flawless. Then came the time my buddy Justin and I were waiting for, LANEGAN. He came out of nowhere quietly, without introduction, and proceeded to take the center mic smoking his cig. The band launched into Hanging Tree, and while Other people have been saying this song hasn't translated live very well, it sounded quite fine to me that night. They went on with God Is Radio, one of the songs we were praying they would play. Josh really let loose on this song, and there was a long jam section in the middle of it, which was really cool to hear. It seemed like Josh blanked out a couple of times though but was fucking around and having a good time with it.

A song or two later, Dead, easily the best song of the night, was played. Mark Lanegan came out again singing lead, with Josh and Nick doing the chorus. This song was so fucking hard and heavy, it blew us all away. The band closed their set with You Would Know, and immediately after song was over, a group of us fans screamed for them to play In The Fade, best song on Rated R IMO, for one of their encores. We were unsuccesful though.....

Upon reentering the stage, Nick went all out on full assault with Tension Head. Regular John was next, which got the crowd jumping and dancing around like crazy. Right after the first chorus in the song, Josh broke a couple strings on his Ovation but played it off all cool. Josh was given a fresh guitar right away and soon the band was back in full force. They closed their 1st Encore with Song For The Deaf, which had a slightly different sound and lyrics than versions I've heard from the recent U.S. club tour. It still rocked though, with Mark and Josh trading main vocal duties and Nick singing backup...

Mexicola kicked off the 2nd Encore, and upon them playing this, it made me wish they had played more of their earlier stuff(Give The Mule, Born To Hula, How to Handle a Rope). Next was Millionare, which didn't sound that good cuz Nick's voice was kind of strained by this point, yet it was still enjoyable. The last song of the evening, and their most popular one, Lost Art, came roaring out and got the crowd totally hyped. After the show a couple of us wanted to stay to see if we could meet the band and buy some merchandise, but our other friend(the driver), which will remain NAMELESS, needed to get back to the dorms to study his ass of for a midterm. So we abruptly left....All in All, it was easily the best concert I've ever attended, and I can't wait for the new record and the second U.S. tour!!
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