Sept. 6, 2001 - LA Knitting Factory: Los Angeles, CA
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it was HUGE. i really wasn't familiar with chris goss music at all....which may have been a good just show up and hear something brand new all night...i'm now a fan and i'm looking to get the new album "deep in the hole" when it comes out. they played deep in the hole which had some awesome slide guitar work by brendon mcnichol. they also played john brown. not familiar with the other songs/titles but it was just a great time of listening to great musicians playing together. this felt like "dessert sessions" LIVE!!! what could be better? josh homme(guitar(not his standard ovation either)/also playing bass(first time i've seen that)/vocals, nick oliveri(bass/vocals/acoustic guitar(another first for me, he was playing the acoustic and singing an incredible song, i gotta find out what that song was, broke a string in the beginning too), brendon mcnichol(guitar/slide/mandolin!!/percussion, mark lanegan(sang on a couple songs), nick lucero(drums), chris goss(guitar/acoustic/12 string acoustic/som they all just basically sat on chairs in a row on the stage and looked like they were really having fun playing together. this is how the dessert sessions must look like.

when i say that this was an impressive show, i know what i'm talking about....i've been a kyuss fan since '93, saw them on tour for sky valley in san diego, saw what i think was their last show at the dragon fly in hollyweird...saw josh at lollapalooza with screaming trees...then i've seen qotsa probably 10-12 times...went to their record release party for the first album..2 yrs ago my wife and i followed them for 4 shows in a row in the pacific northwest for "rated r". looking forward to dessert sessions 7 & 8 and "songs for the deaf".
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