Nov. 13, 1998 - Manchester Hop & Grape: Manchester, UK
Regular John
If Only
Walkin on the Sidewalks
You Would Know
How to Handle a Rope
Hispanic Impressions
You Can't Quit Me Baby
Give the Mule What He Wants
Born to Hula
The Bronze
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I was so excited at seeing the Queens play for the first time together in England, having only seen Kyuss once in London 1994. I turned up early to chat to fans and as visited the toilets I was fucking stoked to bump into Alfredo and chat for 5 minutes. Other people didn't realise who the big fucker was. I told him his drumming rocks and the new Queens material rocks, and got talking about the Desert Sessions which Alfredo played on vol3&4. We were talking about eccentric man, and he said it was an English song or something. I told him he'd put on weight since I last watched them play 1994 and he just shrugged his shoulders and said 'Yeah'. Anyway the guy was fucking cool and told me off for swearing too much, then he started eyeing up the ladies.

The support bands were Radiator who I didn't catch cause they sucked too much, but Orange Goblin kicked like fuck. I've seen them and Queens 3 times since. The gig was really low key and intimate with Dave Catching just joining the band. They came on looking high, and I remember seeing Hutch stood there looking real scary with no one taking notice as to who he was. I was so near the front and remember Josh looking down at me as they kicked into Regular John with a glazed look. The guy stared into space the whole evening which is pretty Josh all over. The set list was mainly all songs from the debut with the Bronze and Born to Hula, both personal favourites of mine.

The highlights that I can remember were 'Walkin on the Sidewalks' which they played the riff for ages at the end, which totally buzzed you out. 'Quit me Baby' was also amazing with Nick in his Earthlings t-shirt rotating his head as he played all night. Alfs drumming was fucking tight and robotically loose, he cracks those skins to pieces. Dave on keys mystified the crowd with hawaiian shirt and hat. One thing that I like and always like about Queens is theie lack of communication with each other and the crowd yet they still remain the tightest of outfits. They're all musically telepathic. Josh was the daddy of the night and all time and ignored the crowd completely when they kept asking for Kyuss songs to be played. I didn't realise that his style of playing was so smooth and simple but marks his own territory totally.

The main thing which stands out now is that this was a gig before they hit the big time with Rated R and all the crowd where genuine Kyuss worshipers here to Queens paly for the firs time. Nowadays the larger venues they play are packed with Slipknot kids on for the big media hype ride, but hey its cool that the Queens started to appeal to a larger audience.

My favourite Queens moment this, it won't match Kyuss but its not supposed to. Heres to 'Songs for the Deaf'.
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