July 25, 1998 - The Aptos Club: Santa Cruz, CA
Regular John
If Only
Give the Mule What He Wants
You Would Know
The Bronze
Hispanic Impressions
You Can't Quit Me Baby
Born to Hula
Thumb [Kyuss]
Green Machine [Kyuss]
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62m AUD - A - -
Review by: Spacely Sprockets

Aptos (Santa Cruz) Aptos Club: Ok this one was interesting. The venue was tiny! Maybe 80 capacity?? A very small bar with no stage. P.A. was weak. The funny thing about this show was that most people were there to see Herbert, a local band from Santa Cruz. Crowd thinned after Herbert, but I’m sure there was at least 50 people for Queens. (ha, that sounds funny doesn’t it...)

Sticking with success, Queens opened with Regular John. Crowd seemed to be getting more worked up as the set went on. After an uptempo You Can’t Quit Me, and then finally Walkin on the Sidewalks, they played a shortened Born to Hula. It was obvious that they never intended to play Hula. Then, the unexpected. The fans were really worked up, security guards looked nervous, and they were NOT letting the band out of there without some more songs. Homme looked extremely reluctant to play Kyuss, but they were out of songs. After about 5 minutes of Dave Catching noodling on his synthesizer and Nick and Josh having a big discussion, they tell us "this is never gonna happen again..." Josh breaks into the opening riff of Green Machine. Obviously, the place goes nuts. After that came "Thumb", which Josh again seemed reluctant to play. Needless to say, we all went home happy. The story with the Kyuss songs was that they were facing a potential riot if they didn't play more songs.
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