July 24, 1998 - Bottom of the Hill: San Francisco, CA
Set (incomplete):
Regular John
Tension Head
You Would Know
Walkin on the Sidewalks
Recording Info
no info available
Review by: Spacely Sprockets

S.F. Bottom of the Hill: This show went off. Very hardcore and energetic crowd, and it was ear-splittingly loud. Full capacity (260), with Fatso playing first, followed by Acid King. Brant Bjork was there during Fatso’s soundcheck, taking pictures with a disposable camera. Opened with Regular John. (seemed to be a better opener than Mexicola). Lots of moshing at this show. Lots of people yelling for Kyuss, which Josh was apparently getting used to. Josh would just repeat "Kyuss.". Fan: "KYYYUSSSS!!!" Josh: "Kyuss." Repeat. Josh said something about Dave Catching taking 5 hits of acid before the show, which looked quite possible by the look of Catching. Tension Head played to a lot of fruckus, followed by You Would Know to mellow em out. Closed with Sidewalk again. Heeeeeaaavy.
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