July 23, 1998 - Troubadour: Los Angeles, CA
Set (incomplete):
If Only
Hispanic Impressions
Walkin on the Sidewalks
Recording Info
no info available
Review by: Spacely Sprockets

L.A.Troubadour: Venue not even half full! Just another night in another club in L.A., with some nobody bands playing. Fatso played first, followed by Goatsnake, who obviously were just coming together as a band. Pete Stahl sang his ass off. Then Queens. Josh wearing his "D.A.R.E." shirt. Opened with Mexicola. Looking around, it seemed as if people were a bit puzzled that there was no John Garcia and no Kyuss songs. When they played If Only, there was finally some looks of recognition. The Mansruin split CD came out in late 97 I think, so the songs on that record were familiar to everyone. There was no other Queens material out there, except for a demo version of Give the Mule what he Wants floating around the net. They closed again with Walkin on the Sidewalks. This show didn’t have the same excitement level or enthusiasm on the band or the audience’s part, but still great, just down a notch from the Casbah show.
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